It's inching closer. The event we've talked about damn near every day for the last three months is now less than two weeks away.

Through playoff pushes by the Celtics and Bruins, through Red Sox Opening Day, March Madness and The Masters. Through an earth coast earthquake and an eclipse, the headline that's dominated everything in this region is the NFL Draft with the New England Patriots sitting at No. 3.

Now that we're marginally closer to draft night, do we know any more than we did say one month ago? Nope. Just listen to ESPN's Mike Reiss, who says not even the Patriots are certain of their plans with the pick.

" this point, the Patriots are still finalizing their draft board, and it's premature to say which QB they prefer."

So, while the team is still deciding who to pick, it's locked in on the position, with Reiss saying the Pats are picking between QB's.

But it's still a crapshoot, and until those draft cards are submitted and the picks are in, no one outside the 32 NFL "war rooms" really has any clue what name is on the card.

What if another QB needy team comes along and make the Pats an offer they can't refuse for the No. 3 pick? Are Patriots fans set on the team going QB with the pick? Or can you get on board with the idea of anything else?

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