For as long as Bill Belichick has been in New England, he's purchased the groceries and done the cooking.

After a second sub-.500 season in three years, nobody is really questioning whether Belichick is still good at cooking. Afterall, he's the greatest chef to ever work in the kitchen of football. The groceries he's been buying lately, though, have been going moldy before he gets the chance to turn them into a delicious meal.

Before this analogy gets any weirder or ventures any closer to Silence of the Lambs territory, I'm just gonna go ahead and stop it.

If you haven't caught on by now, we're talking about Bill Belichick the GM vs. Bill Belichick the head coach.

Yes, Bill was named the 2021 NFL Executive of the Year last season, but don't forget it was after spending oodles of cash. The collective return on investment from that crop of free agents is about 50% hit, 50% miss, with a whole lot of useless money tied to the cap at the moment.

Recent drafts have been better, but that was coming off a pretty low bar set by the drafts of the previous few seasons. All in all, it's resulted in some near-empty cupboards in Foxborough.

Whatever way you slice it, the Pats' roster is middle of the road in terms of NFL talent. The head coach can still work his magic and put together game plans to help stymy the opposition, but is it time someone new takes over upstairs to help retool the roster?

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