All anyone wants to talk about in regards to the New England Patriots is their offense.

All we heard during the off-season was about the installation of the new system, that would make everyone's assignments easier and streamline communication, which would lead to on-field success.

Then training camp arrived, and the process has been anything but "streamlined." It's been a struggle both in practices and preseason games for the unit. The starters mustered just one successful drive out of seven tries in the exhibition season. We've been bombarded with daily updates on how out of sync the offense looks in practice, be it against their own defense or during the joint sessions. Now, we're less than two weeks from the real stuff.

As we inch closer to the regular season with each passing hour, what do you think is the best move for Belichick and Co.? I mean, clearly we all know more from our armchair experience than the guy with 47 years of experience on NFL sidelines, right?

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