After weeks and months of combing through mock drafts that will inevitably fall flat, the NFL Draft is here.

First round coverage begins tonight at 8pm on ESPN. You would've heard it on The Ticket as well, had the Celtics taken care of business in five games, but that's for another ramble.

The Patriots sit smack dab in the middle of the first round at 14th overall. It's the highest they've selected since taking Jerod Mayo 10th overall in the 2008 Draft. Unlike this year, that pick wasn't "earned" from mediocrity in the previous season, obviously, in which the Pats ran the table in the regular season but acquired the pick along the way.

The Pats are a team with several holes to fill. A true No. 1 wide receiver would be a nice toy at Mac Jones' disposal, but I'm not sure one will be available by the time the Pats are on the clock.

The O-Line still needs help, and the safe play with the 14th pick would be to address this need. However, the team still only has one true boundary CB (Jack Jones) and many draftologists - definitely just made that word up - believe that could be a position for the Pats to target in the middle of the first round.

If you were in the war room tonight with Bill Belichick & Co., what position would you make the case for?

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