We have finally reached a time that for the longest time did not appear anywhere near arriving. Football fans around New England are beginning to ponder life after Bill Belichick and wonder whether that may be what's best for the future of the Patriots.

Off to the worst coaching start in his career at 1-5, the temperature under Bill's seat gets turned up with each loss. The team appears directionless, which unfortunately is right where they've spent most of the four seasons since Tom Brady left.

Bill the GM tends to take most of the blame heaved the Pats way, while Bill the coach is still respected around the league as one of the game's greatest minds.

That genius is no longer translating to on-field results, however, with the Pats getting blown out 72-3 over the previous two-game stretch before another lackluster loss in Las Vegas. The team continues to make a litany of on-field errors we're just not used to seeing from Bill Belichick coached teams, yet it's a theme that's been present over the last couple seasons.

Has the league passed the G.O.A.T. by? While Belichick continues to operate with a defense-first mentality, the rest of the league, or at least the most successful teams, have fully embraced the offensive arms race that is today's NFL. But not Bill.

New England is 3-10 since last Thanksgiving. This year, only the Giants have been less competitive according to point-differential. Belichick certainly has a resume more impressive than the other 31 coaches combined, but is he still at the top of his craft in 2023?

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