I was having a conversation with a friend last night about the Stanley Cup Playoffs and how the intensity of playoff hockey is a cut above anything else at this time of the year in terms of sheer sports entertainment.

Then, I realized that my entire argument was based off watching Bruins' playoff games, because apart from the B's, I've watched exactly zero minutes worth of NHL postseason action.

The same can almost be said for the NBA, though there's been a few late-game instances where I've tuned into the random Knicks-Cavs, Warriors-Kings or Lakers-Grizzlies series. But for no longer than the final quarter.

As for baseball, only Shohei Ohtani (when on the mound) will get me to tune in to a game not involving the Red Sox.

So, very quickly I realized the only league I go out of my way to watch neutral contests of is the NFL, where I'll happily watch 10 hours of football each and every Sunday whether the Pats are playing or not.

What about you? Which league do you tune into the most to watch games that don't involve your favorite teams?

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