The World Cup is coming to New England in two years time. Seven matches, including a quarterfinal, will be played at "Boston Stadium," which is Gillette, located some 28 miles outside the city but due to FIFA's brand protection, stadium sponsorship names are not allowed during the global competition.

On their website, FIFA offers a brief description of the Boston sports landscape, saying the city "has teams in all the major professional sports: the New England Revolution, the New England Patriots, the Boston Celtics, the Boston Bruins, and perhaps the city's greatest passion, the Boston Red Sox."

That last sentence is the reason why I bothered typing the previous two paragraphs for you to read. "Perhaps the city's greatest passion, the Boston Red Sox." That was certainly the case at one point, but is it still?

The Sox reigned supreme at the start of the 21st century. The Fever Pitch spiked from 2003-2008, a period in which the BoSox broke an 86-year-old curse, won two World Series and made it to a pair of additional ALCS's.

But then Boston became a Patriots town. Tough not to when the team goes on the greatest two-decade run in pro football history.

Today, with the frustration of the fanbase and frugal nature of ownership, the Red Sox are garnering about as much passion, or at least as much positive passion, among the four teams in the city as is their standing in the AL East - dead last.

Upon seeing the same info which caused me to make the subject today's Drive Poll, the Twitter user Boston Sports Info asked which team Bostonians are most passionate about. Of the 893 votes, the Pats received 43.8%, followed by the Sox but distantly in 2nd place at 19.7%. The Bruins were 3rd at 19.3% and the C's brought up the rear with 17.2%.

We're asking the same question today, just from 236 miles away. Which team are New Englanders most passionate about in 2024?

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