They couldn't get the job done last night, but history says the Dallas Mavericks will prevail at some point in the next three tries to close out the Minnesota Timberwolves and advance to the NBA Finals.

Doing so would set up a showdown between the Boston Celtics and Kyrie Irving, who right now, is the most hated man in Boston sports and it's not particularly close.

We all remember Kyrie's chaotic tenure in Beantown. From pledging his loyalty to the city "if you'll have me," to turning sour, quitting on the team and stomping on Lucky upon his return as an opponent.

Kyrie played the role of villain to a tee and now it appears he's returning as the only thing (after Luka) standing in the way of Banner 18.

Are there any other characters out there that can hold a candle to the level of hatred The Garden will send Irving's way?

Roger Goodell will never warm hearts in New England, but that seems old and buried. And besides, the Pats got like two or three "last laughs" as far as ole Roger is concerned.

Speaking of Rogers, Clemens is always a popular name that's brought up on the subject, but as long as he's being brought back to Fenway and paraded around as one of the franchise's living legends every summer, I can't quite say the passion from the 90s remains.

Do you have someone that you just can't stand? Use the write-in feature to let us know who your biggest Boston villain is!

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