This has become a yearly question asked via the Drive Poll, as the region of New England continues its championship drought.

It's now been five long seasons since any of the Boston teams captured a championship, the longest dry spell the region has experienced since the "golden age" began in 2001.

The Patriots were the last team to capture a title, winning the 2018 Super Bowl in February 2019. Several months prior, the Sox had just capped their historic 119-win campaign with a World Series victory over the Dodgers.

Since then, the Bruins and Celtics have both played for championships in 2019 and 2022 respectively, but came up empty. We thought both squads would be making a run at a chip this year, but we were sadly mistaken.

So, the drought continues, and I can't imagine too many are turning their attention towards this year's Sox team or this fall's Pats squads as the ones who will change the fortunes.

Which team will be the one to end the drought for our spoiled region?

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