Eleven days from the MLB Trade Deadline, the Boston Red Sox sit at 51-46. Frankly, it's probably a better record than many fans expected by mid-July. Remember this is a team that Vegas pegged for right around 78 wins on Opening Day.

Recent reports indicate the team's front office has yet to crystalize a plan for the Aug. 1 deadline, and are still waiting to see how things shape up over the next week and a half.

With yesterday's Drive Poll, we asked how you would handle this year's deadline if you found yourself in Chaim's shoes.

- 39% said Stay Put, let the injured guys return and see what happens.

- 35% said Sell.

- 26% said Buy.

So, 74% of people yesterday want the Sox to refrain from buying at the deadline. Though, there's one player out there that would likely change the minds of a few.

That of course would be Shohei Ohtani. Ohtani is so good that he's already entered he "ho hum" place in sports, where we take someone's insane ability for granted because he does it with such ease, regularity and consistency. What Ohtani is currently doing has very simply never been done before. Not by Babe, not by anyone. He is a 1-of-1 talent in baseball history that's leading the majors in triples and homers while hitting .306/35/76, and is 7-5 with a 3.50 era on the mound and 4th in MLB with 139 strikeouts.

With the Angels at 49-48, there is mounting pressure in L.A. to make a decision on Ohtani. On one hand, do they want to be remembered as the team that traded Ohtani? But on the other hand, they could be the team that got nothing for him if he walks in free agency.

You and I both know the Sox have been mentioned exactly nowhere in the potential Ohtani sweepstakes, but that didn't stop Fox Sports from proposing the following trade to get the 29-year-old to Beantown.

The proposed package includes P Brayan Bello, SS Marcelo Mayer, 2B Nick Yorke and OF/SS Ceddane Rafaela sent to the Left Coast for Ohtani.

That's a massive haul, no doubt. Bello, despite his hiccup in Oakland, has developed into the ace of the staff as the summer has worn on. Mayer is unanimously a top-5 prospect in the game, Yorke is a top-50 prospect and Rafaela is knocking on the door of The Bigs, as he's slashed .319/5/14 since getting called up to Worcester.

They're players who could be cornerstones of the franchise for years to come. Though, I can say with near certainty that none of them will come close to space of the .0000000001% of all-timers that Ohtani occupies.

What do you think? Would you pull the trigger on that trade?

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