A few days ago I finished a great book entitled, 'Francona: The Red Sox Years.' It's a 'must read' for Red Sox fans, especially for those that claim to be a part of the die-hard Red Sox Nation. And in case you didn't know, Terry Francona was the manager of the Red Sox for 8 years, ending the 86 year world series drought in 2004, and bringing us another world series title in 2007. Sox fans love 'Tito.' But I must warn you, like all sports, colorful language is part of the game, and is used without restraint in Francona's writings.

I love baseball. Always have. The Red Sox have been a part of life since I was a young boy. And nothing has thrilled me more than to attend my first Red Sox game with my wife just eight years ago.

Nelson & Shirley at Red Sox '05

The moment we walked into Fenway Park from Yawkey Way, we knew we were now a part of something endearing and timeless. The stadium, although having gone through a number of expansion and cosmetic changes since 1912, still holds that old stadium feel. Many a professional ball player will attest to the beauty and sacredness of Fenway.

When you think of all the great players that have graced the field since the beginning like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky, Bobby Doerr, Smokey Joe Wood, Luis Tiant, Rico Petrocelli, Jonathan Papelbon, Tim Wakefield, and so on, you can't help but feel a sense of honor just being fan sitting anywhere in the ball park.

With spring training and subsequent games getting underway soon, and with the start of the season getting fired up for the Sox on April 1 (albeit at Yankee Stadium), guys and gals like me can't wait to head back to Fenway for at least one of the 162 games scheduled for the 2013 season.

Here's a video that you might enjoy. Although I wish CNN had chosen a Boston news reporter to do the story. It's great to see Fenway just the same.