With the Boston Red Sox being eliminated in the playoffs by the Cleveland Indians on Monday night, it also spelled the end for the historic career of David Ortiz.  Big Papi announced before the season that 2016 would be his last, even after producing 38 home runs at the age of 40.  Ortiz finished his career with 541 home runs, 1768 runs batted in, and a .286 batting average (not to mention 17 stolen bases).  While his time on the diamond is over, we can still relive all the great moments the DH had with the Boston Red Sox.  You might need to bust out the tissues…


Game Four of the 2003 ALDS versus the Oakland Athletics

Big Papi showed off his clutch hitting for the first major time in Boston as he provided a huge spark to the playoff run in 2003.  This base hit helped not only the Red Sox stave off elimination, but also to come back and win the series to face the New York Yankees in the ALCS...but we won’t talk about that now.


Game Three of the 2004 ALDS versus the Anaheim Angels

Who doesn’t love a walk-off home run that not only gives you the victory, but also a series win to face the Yankees in the next round?


Game Four of the 2004 ALCS versus the New York Yankees

Throw in what seemed to a be a unsurmountable deficit and add in a 14 inning contest and you have yourself the recipe for one of the greatest walk-off home runs in baseball history.  The homer kept the dream of a World Series title alive for the Sox when they needed it the most.


 Game Five of the 2004 ALCS versus the New York Yankees

No need to wait around for a big hit when you’re David Ortiz.  Big Papi launched this home run the day after his walk-off to give the Sox a chance to move closer to the comeback…which they did of course.


Game Seven of the 2004 ALCS versus the New York Yankees

You remember the bloody sock and the gutsy effort from Curt Schilling, but don’t forget about the incredibly hot play from Ortiz that started off the scoring in the winner-take-all Game Seven and the rest was history.


Boston Marathon Bombing Speech

When the City of Boston was rocked by a terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon, Ortiz, who of course speaks English as a second language, riled up the crowd with pride better than anyone else could.  Even the FCC had to agree that his speech was much needed in the healing process and didn’t pursue the profanity violation.


 Ortiz Smashes Phone At Camden Yards

Even players who are as good as Ortiz have to let out a little steam from time to time.  This may be the most lasting image of Ortiz’s frustration that was usually pretty rare.  Even when facing a clubhouse phone, Papi got a lot of lumber on that one.


Game Two of the 2013 ALCS versus the Detroit Tigers

Even though the Sox had won the World Series in 2004 and 2007, his work during the 2013 run can’t be forgotten.  Ortiz hit a grand slam in the second game of the ALCS to not only tie the contest up at 5-5, but swing the momentum in the Sox favor on way to a third title in nine years.


 Ortiz Hits His 500th Home Run

It’s hard enough to hit a home run at the Major League level, let alone trying to do it consistently enough to reach 500 total in a career.  Big Papi did just that in September of 2015 with this one against the Tampa Bay Rays.


 Final Appearance At Fenway

Ortiz can now enjoy some time off to rest his tired legs. There probably won’t be another player like him in Boston for a long time, but the city will never be the same after what he brought into town.