The Commissioner of the America East, Amy Huchthausen, joined The Morning Line to recap how the winter sports season will look, and how the fall sports seasons will be moved to the spring and what their season looks like.

Commissioner Huchthausen discussed how the decision was made and how all scenarios were reviewed, but opting for a weekend two game series at the home gym for back to back games would make the most sense to reduce travel and potential exposure.

Basketball games can start in a month with non-conference play opening up Wednesday, November 25th. Teams only have three weeks to get all of their non-league games in the books before the America East Schedule picks up December 19-20 weekend.

The league did build in some off weeks in case they are needed for make up games as the season moves along.

We covered all of that and we looked at how the fall seasons which were put on hold and now going to be moved to the spring and how that can start and when it will start.

Commissioner Huchthausen knows there will be weather concerns for those fall sports being moved to the spring and the games beginning in late February and early March but there are only so many ways to avoid conflicts and issues and still get some semblance of a season.

We cover those topics and much more as America East is looking to return to play games for the first time in about eight months after shutting down heading to the basketball conference title games in March.

You can hear the full conversation here.

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