Longtime Boston sports personality Dale Arnold joined The Morning Roast Thursday morning on The Ticket to talk about a subject that most people assumed began as a conspiracy but now seems very plausible.

Way back in mid-March 2020, before we knew the extent of the pandemic that would take hold for the next two years, Tom Brady was at the center of the news world. After 20 years in New England, it appeared Brady's stay was up. The question that remained - where would the G.O.A.T. go next?

In step Dale Arnold, who was among the first to report not that the QB was talking with the Buccaneers or entertaining an offer from the Bucs, but that Brady would in fact take his talents to Tampa Bay. And don't let the fact that he went to Tampa and won the Super Bowl in his first year revise history. Before he officially signed with the Bucs, when Arnold made that statement, the Buccaneers were not thought to be anywhere near the top of the list of potential suitors.

Arnold has long been at the forefront of Brady news with ties to TB12's camp. In '20, he was spot on with his prophecy. Now, the semi-retired Boston radio host is taking another shot at predicting Brady's future, saying he believes the QB will play for the Miami Dolphins in 2023.

"According to the people I've talked to, and it isn't just one person, there were multiple sources, he's going to be a member of the Miami Dolphins [in 2023]." That certainly doesn't sound like speculation, rather, that's a statement made with confidence.

When Arnold first made the claim earlier this spring, it was not taken all that seriously. Yet since that time, it's been reported and validated by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Ben Volin of The Boston Globe and others that Brady attempted to force his way out of Tampa Bay and facilitate a move to Miami with his 40-day retirement. Then Brian Flores' lawsuit, as Arnold made note of, blew up those plans...at least for this off-season.

So if Arnold is once again reading the tea leaves correctly, Patriots fans can expect to see Brady back in Foxboro in 2023 not only as the QB of the Dolphins but potentially the sport's first-ever player/part-owner.

You can listen to Dale Arnold's full thoughts on all things Tom Brady from this morning's appearance on The Morning Roast, below. Make sure to tune into The Morning Roast weekdays from 6-8 a.m. with Brian Sullivan, Dave Peck and Greg Hirsch for more great content.


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