Another night, another win for the Boston Red Sox, as has been the case for the month of June.

With last night's 5-4 win over the Detroit Tigers, the Red Sox improved to a season-best seven games over-.500 (38-31), are now 15-4 in the month of June and 27-11 since May 12.

They're playing some pretty good ball. However, a quick check of the schedule reveals the Sox have only played two series during that entire 38-game stretch vs. teams that are over-.500. Those two series came against Houston back on May 16-18 and against St. Louis this past weekend. To Boston's credit, they took 2-of-3 games in both series.

That still leaves the splits at 4-2 vs. contenders and 23-9 vs. nobodies since they "got good."

You can only play the teams on your schedule, I get it. The Sox have done exactly what they needed to do against the bevy of bad competition to get back in the thick of contention in the American League. For that, they deserve respect.

All I'm asking, and wondering if you feel the same, is can we officially say the Sox are a good team? Or do we need to wait and see how they fare against tougher competition on the horizon?

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