The Morning Line is rolling out another year of NFL picks where you get a chance to win.

The rules are pretty simple, you only have to pick one winner for the week, but in the Knockout/Survivor style pool once a team has been picked they can't be chosen again.

If you get the game right, you advance to our end of year portion of the contest for the grand prize and you'll win a $10 gift card to Uno's in Bangor for getting it right, but no one after you can use that team again.

If you get the game wrong, you are out and can't try again later in the season, and you don't get the gift card, and still no one can use the team you chose.

It gets more and more difficult as we go along, and with 18 weeks this NFL season it will be even harder at the end of the year.

You can use any method you want to pick your winning team and see if you can avoid being knocked out and survive to the playoffs.

Week 1 - Chris from Old Town picked San Francisco to beat Detroit - Correct!
Week 2 - Joel from Seal Cove picked Cleveland to beat Houston - Correct!
Week 3 - Dave from Dedham picked Baltimore to beat Detroit - Correct!
Week 4 - Steve from Old Town picked Buffalo to beat Houston - Correct!
Week 5 - John from Levant (2020 Contest Winner) picked Minnesota to beat Detroit - Correct!
Week 6 - Taylor from Old Town picked Los Angeles Rams to beat New York Giants - Correct !
Week 7 - Josh from Hancock picked New England to beat the New York Jets -

Listen to this week's choice again here -

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The Morning Line Podcast

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