Prior to winning Banner 18, Boston Celtics majority owner and team governor Wyc Grousbek was asked about the burden of Boston's bloated payroll and the likelihood that the organization will be cutting luxury tax checks for years to come. Wyc's response won over the hearts of Boston by saying, "we'll be paid in parades."

The Celtics then went on to capture Banner 18, and after a week of partying the focus is already on Banner 19. We know the Celtics aren't playing around and that ownership will do whatever they need to put the team in the best position possible to be the NBA's first repeat champion since the Golden State Warriors in 2017 and 2018.

The same cannot be said for all the other teams around town. The Bruins are always there and making moves, but the B's have raised just one Cup in the 49 years under Jeremy Jacobs' ownership. There's always been a bit of a feeling that the Jacobs family doesn't want to commit top dollar. Heck, just last year they took Jeremy Swayman to arbitration over the matter of a couple million dollars, an experience Swayman called one of the worst of his life.

Robert Kraft is the flushest man in town thanks to Bill Belichick and Tom Brady turning his $172 million investment in the Patriots into what is now an organization valued at $7 billion, which has allowed Kraft's net worth to balloon to $11.1 billion. Despite all that money, there were mixed messages coming out of Foxboro during Belichick's final years on the Kraft's commitment to spending. This off-season New England had among the most money to play with in the NFL, yet made no real splashes outside of re-signing their own free agents.

And then there's FSG, John Henry and the Sox. We all know that story so there's no need to rehash it.

So apart from the Celtics who back up their words with action, which Boston ownership group do you trust the most to bring another championship back to Beantown?

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