For the first times in 33 years, the Boston Marathon women's winner is an American runner - Desiree Linden won it with a time of 2-hours, 39-minutes, 54-seconds.

Splashing through a course with icy rain and a bigtime headwind, Linden led a standout group of USA women runners. In fact, seven of the top 10 finishers on the women's race were American.

Yuki Kawauchi from Japan was the men's winner with a time of 2-hours, 15-minutes, 58-seconds. It was Japan's first Boston win since 1987.

Mainers at the Marathon....

Tracy Guerrette (St.Agatha) 2:54:02

Katie Norwood (Bangor) 3:51:07

Bradford Eslin (Bucksport) 3:08:16

Gregg Johnson (Hampden) 4:04:20

Peter Lodge (Bangor) 4:05:08

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