Yesterday on The Drive, myself, Jim Churchill and Aaron Jackson attempted to create a list of our top-5 sports happenings in 2021. We got to three solid choices, before the options began to fizzle. As it turns out, the year 2021 in sports was kind of a snoozer in our neck of the woods.

I understand, not only is that a horribly spoiled thing to say, it's also coming on the heels of a year in 2020 where we went four and a half months with no sports. So let me be clear - I am totally grateful that sports returned to semi-normalcy in 2021 and appreciate everything we had to enjoy. Seasons were played in full, or as close as possible. Fans returned to the stands and despite a few hiccups along the way, it was back to the way things had been prior to mid-March 2020.

But when trying to shortlist the top moments of the year, there was not a ton to be had in New England. The region's favorite son won a Super Bowl in his new home down in Tampa. The Sox had a thrilling season that few saw coming, but ultimately fell short in their quest for the pennant. The Bruins have been pretty "meh," outside of the addition of a former-Black Bear between the pipes, and let's not even mention the Celtics, who will finish out the calendar year with a losing record.

As a sports fan, what was your top moment of 2021? And if you're not a fan of the regional teams, that's what the write-in option is for!

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