Well, well, well. If you're a Patriots fan that got fired up for this year's NFL Draft by filling out mock draft after mock draft, salivating over what defensive playmaker or wide receiver the Pats could grab at 21st overall, you had something else entirely coming your way.

A classic Bill Belichick draft, baby.

A perceived reach for an offensive lineman from Chattanooga in the 1st Round after dealing down from 21-to-29.

Possibly an even bigger reach in Rd. 2 for a somewhat unknown receiver. Then a whole bunch more people you've probably never heard of from a multitude of spots that may or may not have addressed the team's biggest needs going into the draft.

It was a vintage "I know more than everyone else" performance by Belichick, which is now being heavily questioned by all the draft "experts."

There's no way to give a fair grade to the class before they've stepped on the field in the NFL, and even harder to do so when I'm assuming you, like I, don't have the slightest clue as to who the new Patriots are.

But that's never stopped us before, so why should it now? What did you think of this year's class?


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