As has increasingly become the case in recent years, NFL free agency and the off-season as a whole has elevated to a new level where the daily breaking news is almost as exciting as the season itself.

The last two weeks have provided no shortage of blockbuster moves, many of which have made an already deep AFC a now bottomless pit of quality teams competing for seven postseason spots.

Last season, 10 teams in the conference finished over-.500, with Cleveland, Baltimore and Denver also finishing within 2.5 games of a postseason ticket despite having a losing record. That's 13 of the 16 teams in the conference that remained in playoff contention throughout a majority of the 17 weeks. And if this offseason has been any indicator, that group has only become more cutthroat.

Cleveland and Denver have added their star QB's, which in today's league is enough to put any team in contention. Indy now has stability under center and I've yet to mention the Chargers, a team that beefed up the defensive side of the football and was one bone-headed move by their head coach away from making the playoffs last year via a Week 18 tie with Vegas.

Oh, and don't forget about Baltimore, who was atop the conference at 8-3 before Lamar Jackson's injury led to the Ravens losing their final six contests.

Right there are five teams who were outside the playoff picture a year ago but primed to make a jump, which isn't great for a team like the Patriots who, pardon the pun, have stood pat.

We're still months away from camps opening, let alone games being played. But one thing is for certain - this conference is going to be murderer's row.

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