You know what time it is?!  Well it’s time for you to tell us who is the Tool of the Week!
This time around we have to choose between some unruly fans at the Ryder Cup or a Colorado Rockie who pulled an anti-Ted Williams to win a batting title in the NL.  Read up below about the nominees and let us know who you believe is the more deserving of the Tool of the Week!

Ryder Cup fans are known to be a little bit more rowdy than their Major Championship counterparts, but a few spectators took that to the next level over the weekend.  A few fans had heckled golfer Rory McIlroy throughout the competition and even hurled profanities at him during his final round.  McIlroy had the select few booted, but it really put a damper on a lively atmosphere and a big win for the USA.

DJ LeMahieu had game 162 off for the Colorado Rockies, and it wasn’t because he was resting for a big playoff run (Colorado finished 12 games back for the final Wild Card spot).  LeMahieu sat out both Saturday and Sunday after reaching a batting average of .348, a point better than Daniel Murphy who was sidelined with an injury.  DJ and the Rockies decided that the batting title getting locked down was more important than playing the infielder more than two at bats over the weekend.  Just for the record, Ted Williams could have sat the final day of the season when his batting average was going to rounded up to .400 on the year, but instead played in the double header to conclude the 1941 season.  He went 6-9 and pushed his average up to .406.  That’s the way you close out a batting title!

So we ask you to help us decide whether the rowdy Ryder Cup fans or the fact that DJ LeMahieu sat out almost a week of baseball to win a batting title the more deserving winner of the Tool of the Week!