This week we have a battle of horrendous looking uniforms in our match-up for Tool of the Week.  Our brawl is between the awful All-Star Game jerseys or the head-scratching look of the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2016.

The spotlight will be on San Diego for the All-Star game this week and eyes will have to be shielded when the teams break out 1970s Padres’ throwbacks.  It’s always been an interesting combination, but now all the stars will have to don for the big game.

The Diamondbacks tried to freshen up their look for this season, but have made a few missteps along the way.  Arizona has been panned for the decision, specifically for their road charcoal uniforms that seem to fit something out of the 2040s.

We pose to you this question: are the 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks look or the 2016 All-Star game threads the worst looking uniform of the two?  Make your voice heard in our poll!