Bryce Harper is one Major League Baseball's brightest stars, but he may want to give the WWE a try.

The Washington Nationals right fielder was hit by a pitch by the San Francisco Giants' Hunter Strickland during Monday's game before he charged the mound and wildly flung his helmet. Just look at where it lands.

There are a couple schools of thought on what happened when Harper tosses his helmet. The first is his aim is horrible, but, come on, he can make throws from right to home plate with more accuracy than this, so we're not buying it.

The second is he decided at the last minute not to hit Strickland, which, considering how many more games would possibly be added to a suspension if he did, is plausible.

The third is the helmet just plain ol' slipped out of his hand and he wound up looking like a clown. That's possible, too.

Bottom line: it was a weird moment in an ugly scene that marred a close game that the Nationals would end up winning, 3-0.

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