Real Estate blog Estately frequently creates lists giving a heads up to potential home buyers thinking about relocating. This week they focused on the things everyone should know about Bangor before moving there.

First of all, Here's what the folks at Estately had to say about Maine's Queen City:

It’s cold. It’s quiet, and it’s easy to fall in love with. This friendly, low-key city, with an impeccably low crime rate, is the perfect destination for raising kids or pursuing your artistic passion in peace.

That seems just about right. Then, Estately listed the top 21 things to know before moving to Bangor and we selected our top 10 favorites!

  • 1

    Stephen King Lives Here!

    The author of some of America's darkest novels can be seen from time to time around town when he is not at his spooky home surrounded by a black fence complete with bat statues. We've even gone to the trouble of compiling our own list of the 10 places every Stephen King fan must stop when visiting Bangor.

    Background: Mt. Hope Cemetery by Jeff Tuttle, TSM Bangor; King photo: Kevin Winter, Getty Images
  • 2

    And Bat Mobile is Public Transportation

    Bats can be seen year round in Bangor! Bat buses to be more specific. It seems fitting the main form of public transportation in Stephen King's hometown is named after a creature of the night.

  • 3

    No need for Times Square on New Year's Eve

    Who needs to go to Times Square to watch the New Years ball dropping when you can watch the ball drop in downtown Bangor!? It may just be a beach ball wrapped in Christmas lights, but it draws a huge crowd of shivering people to ring in the new year together.

  • 4

    The 24/7 Denny's will become your second home

    This city has a pretty early bedtime with most local eateries closing before midnight which means dinner after midnight means Denny's.

    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
  • 5

    KFC's Colonel Sanders wanders off

    People living in this area are well aware of the rivalry with near by Brewer. So it was no surprise when in 2003 the friendly Colonel Sanders statue disappeared from a bench in Brewer with teenage Bangor residents as the culprits. Unfortunately for the thieves this was the day of developing film, and the Colonel's new location was relieved after photos were developed at a local Rite Aid showing the teens partying with smiling statue.

    Paula Bronstein, Getty Images
  • 6

    The Penobscot River is pretty as a postcard

    The Penobscot River is one of the most important things Bangor has to offer. It played a vital role in the city's lumbering history as well as today giving us the beautiful backdrop for the summer's Waterfront Concerts.

    Clem LaBree, Sports Radio 92.9 The Ticket
  • 7

    Some of the best air to breathe

  • 8

    Many residents survived the Ice Storm of 98'

    Be ready for tough, cold winters sometimes resulting in loss of power for multiple days and dangerous driving conditions.

  • 9

    Fly Internationally without leaving town

    Bangor International Airport is just was it says! From here you can go anywhere in the world. This also means this is often the first American owned ground our soldiers touch after being over seas at war.

    Photo, Joe Raedle, Getty Images
  • 10

    Brownies were invented here

    Back in 1905, the first recipe for chocolate brownies as we know them was published in the Boston Daily Globe. They were originally called Bangor Brownies.

    Jose R. Aguirre