On St. Patrick's Day people nationwide will be celebrating in the usual ways, drinking green beer, wearing green, and parading shamrocks around. But here's 5 ways to celebrate the uniquely Maine way!

  • 1

    Green Moxie

    Just add some green food coloring to your favorite Maine beverage!

  • 2

    Irish Jig in Your LL Bean Boots

    Bean boots are good for all scenarios. They are great in snow, ice, rain, or when you feel the luck of the Irish!

  • 3

    Boiled Suppah

    Mainers don't have boiled dinner on St. Patrick's Day. They have boiled suppah. We think some boiled beans and red hot dogs are the best boiled suppah!

  • 4

    Wear Green Plaid

    Mainers love our plaid! That fact is still true on St. Paddy's Day but we wear our green plaid.

    Allegra K via Amazon
    Allegra K via Amazon
  • 5

    Eat a Whoopie Pie with Green Frosting

    We can't make the whoopie pie any better than it is, but we can make it green! Bonus to eating something green, sometimes it will stain your teeth and tongue green too!


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