Foxcroft Academy soccer and wrestling coach Luis Ayala has made it to the top 15 in the nationwide voting for 'Most Valuable Coach' and as a result earns $5,000 for his school.

If Ayala wins in the next round he wins a $50,000 Community Grant.

All of this is sponsored by U.S. Cellular in partnership with Samsung.

The program is celebrating high school coaches around the country who go above and beyond.

Ayala is one of three coaches from the state of Maine to make it from the top 50 list down to the top 15. Lewiston soccer and basketball coach Mike McGraw and Mt. Abrams soccer, track and skiing coach James Danala.

The final round of determining the top coach begins today. The decision comes down to community votes which represents 20% of the final score. A panel of judges will evaluate essays written by the nominees and other material that shows school and community impact make up the reminder of the final score.

The winner of the 'Most Valuable Coach Award' will be announced November 20th. For more info on the vote click here

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