It was a funky season in the Big 11 Conference, the Class C North. Winslow won the regular season conference title by virtue of beating MDI head-to-head on opening weekend.

If you total the Heal Points including crossover games, MDI was the #1 seed in Class C North for the playoffs.

And, at the end of the postseason, first year Big 11 team MCI from Pittsfield ran the table and won the state title.

The conference banquet awards on Sunday are for regular season conference games and MDI's  Colby Lee was selected as Player of the Year. Lee rushed for 1,236 yards and scored 18 TDs. Lee scored 124 points.

MDI's Mark Shields won Coach of the Year. MCI assistant Woody Moore was named Big 11 Assistant Coach of the Year.

2017 Big 11 Football Conference

Conference Champions : Winslow High School.

Conference Runner-Up: Mount Desert Island High School.

Assistant Coach of the Year: Woody Moore

Coach of the Year: Mark Shields

Player of the Year: Colby Lee


1st Team Offense: Quarterback - Garret Trask of Hermon. Running Back - Mike Norton Jr of Oceanside; Colby Lee of  MDI. Fullback - Ryan Fredette of Winslow. Wide Receiver - David Young of MCI and Nick Lakeman of John Bapst.  Tight End - Hunter Campbell of Winslow. Tackle - Micah Hallett of MDI; Cameron Winslow of Winslow; Garrett Mullen of Hermon. Center - Austin Michaud of John Bapst.  Guard - Seth Buzzell of MCI; Adam Burdzel of MDI. Place Kicker - Ryan Gagnon of Winslow. Utility Player - Adam Bertrand of MCI.


2nd Team Offense: Quarterback - Andrew Phelps of MDI. Running Back - Jordan Bishop of Hermon, Ben Dorval of Winslow. Fullback - Croix Albee of MDI.  Wide Receiver - Brock Graves of Nokomis, Keith Pomeroy of Hermon. Tight End - TJ Kuespert of MCI. Tackle - Gilbert Isaacs of MDI; Kirt Ilvonen of Oceanside. Center - Aaron Schanck of MCI. Guard - Jarred Spencer of Old Town; John Evans of Waterville. Place Kicker - Titus Kwaethong of Oceanside. Utility Player - Ben Ripley of Oceanside.


1st Team Defense: Defensive End - Ryan Fredette of Winslow; Drake Janes of MDI. Tackle - Micah Hallett of MDI; Josiah Joy of MDI; Seth Bussell of MCI. Linebacker - Mike Norton Jr of Oceanside; Adam Bertrand of MCI; Elijah Joyce of MDI; Quinton Richards of Nokomis. Defensive Back - Garrett Trask of Hermon; Colby Lee of MDI; Andrew Haining of Nokomis; JJ Higgins of John Bapst. Punter - Ryan Gagnon of Winslow.


2nd Team Defense: Defensive End - Jordan Bishop of Hermon; Quinn Mitchell of John Bapst. Tackle - Konnor Harford of Belfast; Erik Benner of Medomak Valley; Keenan Janeski of Winslow; Dan Sprague of John Bapst. Linebacker - Garrett Bowers of Medomak Valley; Alex McLaughlin of Oceanside; Cooper Hart of Waterville; Reed Kiah of John Bapst. Defensive Back - Josh Goldrup of Medomak Valley, Travis Spell of Old Town; Titus Kaewthong of Oceanside, Logan Dempsey of John Bapst. Punter - Titus Kwaethong of Oceanside.


Honorable mention: Belfast-Jacob Waterman & Grey Dinsmore, Hermon-Tyler Carmichael & Connor Patten, John Bapst-Noah Scanlon & Jared Smith, MCI-Pedro Matos & ZyAnthony Moss, Medomak Valley-Tyler Simmons & Eli Miller, MDI-Abrahm Malloy & Jake Ritter, Nokomis-James Boyd & Hayden Black, Oceanside-Chris Carroll & Jack Freeman, Old Town-Ethan Haynes & Eric Lyford, Waterville-Nick Wildhaber & Jack Thompson, Winslow-Chris Jacques & Colby Pomeroy. All Academic: Belfast-Hosler Whitney, Hermon-Jordan Bishop, John Bapst-Nick Lakeman, Jack Dalton & Brendan Killarney, MCI-Devon Varney, Aaron Schanck & P J Plummer, MDI-Micah Hallett, Josiah Joy & James McConomy, Nokomis-Hayden Black, Colby Pinette & Logan Rowell, Oceanside-Jack Freeman, Titus Kaewthing, Hunter Fowles, Michael Norton, Jr & Oliver Vanorse-Jones, Old Town-Kyle Smith & Winslow-Andrew Bolduc & Andrew Beckwith.

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