The only thing the Boston Bruins had to look forward to as the NHL playoffs are taking place was the draft lottery. Now they know what pick they have.The 14 teams including the Bruins who did not make the playoffs patiently awaited their fate as it relates to the draft and where they would pick as determined by the ping pong balls.

When it was over the Bruins will get the number 14 pick while Edmonton will select first. Buffalo and Arizona round out the top three.

Canadien Connor McDavid is expected to the first player selected. McDavid is highly touted and coming off a season in the Ontario Junior Hockey League where he scored 47 goals and 120 points in 44 games. Boston University freshman Jack Eichel is projected to go in the top three.

The draft will take place June 26-27 in Florida. Below is the order of the top 14 picks from Saturday night's lottery.
1. Edmonton Oilers
2. Buffalo Sabres
3. Arizona Coyotes
4. Toronto Maple Leafs
5. Carolina Hurricanes
6. New Jersey Devils
7. Philadelphia Flyers
8. Columbus Blue Jackets
9. San Jose Sharks
10. Colorado Avalanche
11. Florida Panthers
12. Dallas Stars
13. Los Angeles Kings
14. Boston Bruins