Kobe Bryant will make his final visit to Boston Garden tonight when the Celtics host the LA Lakers. What many C's fans may not realize is Kobe could have been a Celtic.

The year was 1996. The Celtics had trade up to the #6 spot. They worked out and interviewed a Philadelphia high school kid named Kobe Bryant. The like everything about him.

But, in the end, chose forward Antoine Walker from the national champion Kentucky Wildcats.

As they say...the rest is history.

Check out the '96 draft picks and then check out what today's C's players think about Kobe's last Garden game tonight.

Lottery pick
1. Allen Iverson (76ers)
2. Marcus Camby (Raptors)
3. Shareef Abdur-Rahim (Grizzlies)
4. Stephon Marbury (Bucks to Wolves)*
5. Ray Allen (Wolves to Bucks)*
6. Antoine Walker (Celtics)
7. Lorenzen Wright (Clippers)
8. Kerry Kittles (Nets)
9. Samaki Walker (Mavericks)
10. Erick Dampier (Pacers)
11. Todd Fuller (Warriors)
12. Vitaly Potapenko (Cavaliers)
13. Kobe Bryant (Hornets to Lakers)*