Coffee News Bangor pitching continues to dominate at the Maine State American Legion Baseball Tournament. Friday night's 2-0 shutout over South Portland makes it three consecutive shutouts in the tourney.

This time it was righthander Ethan Stoddard. Eight innings of seven hit, four walk pitching. Stoddard struck out five.

Zach Cowperthwwaite came on to pitch the 9th to get the save after Stoddard had reached his pitch limit.

The 3-0 Comrades have yet to give up a run in 27 innings in the states.

The only runs Bangor needed came in the 5th and 9th innings. Stoddard had a RBI single in the 5th inning and Jesse Colford had a RBI sacrifice fly.

The victory guarantees Coffee News a spot in the championship round on Sunday. The only issue to be decided in Saturday's play, will there be two teams or three teams alive on Sunday.

The Comrades play the 4pm game Saturday afternoon vs Coastal Landscaping (Cheverus).



Wednesday July 26th

10am GM#1  Coffee News (Bangor) 4   Fayette-Staples (Saco) 0  Final

1pm  GM#2    Bessey Motors (Oxford Hills) 4  Coastal Landscape (Cheverus) 3  Final

4pm  GM#3    Yankee Ford (S.Portland) 7  vs  Pastime (Lewiston) 6   Final

7pm  GM#4    Brewer 3  vs  Wells 5   Final

Thursday July 27th

10am GM#5  Fayette Staples (Saco) 2    Coastal Landscape (Cheverus) 6  Final

1pm  GM#6   Pastime (Lewiston) 8   Brewer Falcons 1  Final

4pm  GM#7  Coffee News (Bangor) 2  Bessey Motors (Oxford Hills) 0  Final

7pm  GM#8  Yankee Ford (S. Portland) 12    Wells 2  Final

Friday July 28th

1pm  GM#9    Pastime (Lewiston) 2    Bessey Motors 3  Final

4pm  GM#10  Coastal Landscape (Cheverus) 10    Wells 3  Final

7pm  GM#11  Coffee News (Bangor) 2  Yankee Ford 0  Final

Saturday July 29th

1pm  GM#12  Yankee Ford (Cheverus) 9  Bessey Motors (Oxford Hills) 0  Final

4pm  GM#13  Coffee News (Bangor)  vs  Coastal Landscape (Cheverus)

Sunday July 30th

1pm  GM#14  Winner G12  vs  Winner G13 (Note 3)

4pm  GM#15  Winner G12  vs  Winner G13

Note 1: pairing for 1st round games will not match 2 teams from the same zone until 3rd day, Game 9

Note 2: pairing for Game 12 & 13 will not match previous opponents unless absolutely necessary

Note 3: if 3 teams remain after Game 13, the winner of Game 11 will receive a bye in Game 14

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