Sports in Maine are in a new era because of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.

There have been changes to the way fall sports are played, some of those are very minor changes and rule modifications, others are more noticeable.

Then there is what is going on with Maine High School football.

This fall teams are playing 7 on 7 touch or flag football around the state, and while many may be upset by the switch from 11 man football with lineman and the traditional offenses and formations, if looked at with an open mind that change may end up being a positive for the sport in the future.

Wayne Harvey, Bryan Stackpole and Jeff Hoak discussed a Thursday Night game between Bangor and Hampden Academy that saw an entirely different looking sport on the field and they feel it should be embraced after 141 combined points were scored as The Rams won the 83-58 shootout with the Broncos.

For years Maine high school football teams that passed the ball were an anomaly, and the new 7 man football is opening up the game, passing is emphasized, athletes are finding space and opportunity to play.

Many will disagree with the changes, and while Wayne stated he doesn't want 7 on 7 flag or touch football to become the norm in the state when it comes to the high school gridiron, some of the tactics and emphasis on offense and passing should certainly be brought back when 11 on 11 tackle football returns to the Maine high school ranks in the future.

We can turn these uncommon times in to something that becomes familiar in the future if coaches continue teaching and coaching this entertaining style of high school football.

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