Poll #1 - In case you got wrapped up in the craze of Tom Brady's return to Foxboro and didn't realize, the Yankees and Red Sox are playing in the AL Wild Card game tonight at Fenway Park...

Now I'm sure you were aware of that but it seems like the excitement isn't quite the fever pitch of years past.

Let's raise the collective blood pressure by taking a trip down memory lane. From Bucky F****** Dent to The Reverse of The Curse, what's your favorite Red Sox vs. Yankees postseason memory?


Poll #2 - It hasn't been the best start to the season for the New England Patriots, despite taking Brady and the Bucs down to the final minute on Sunday night.

As someone who predicted a 12-5 record for the Pats this season, I fully expected the team to be in the postseason.

Now at 1-3, the Pats are up against it. Only 11% of teams to begin the year losing 3-of-4 have gone on to make the playoffs. Granted, this season does have the benefit of the 17th game.

Based off what you have seen on the field so far, do you think New England will be among the 11%, or the 89% historically come season's end?

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