Poll #1 - In the first inning of yesterday's Grapefruit League Spring Training game vs. the Atlanta Braves, Red Sox manager Alex Cora broke out the new "mercy rule" which apparently is part of the spring rules in 2021.

I personally can't keep up with the changes, as MLB seems to be making rules up as they go this spring, allowing teams to call innings after a pitcher has reached 20 pitches, or after two outs have been reported. Teams can also agree to end the game prematurely after five or sevens innings, as long as the two sides agreed to such before the game and notified the league office. Basically, MLB is employing Little League rules to run the spring campaign.

Even though it's just exhibition contests and the games don't actually count for anything, should there ever be a "mercy rule" allowed in professional sports?

Poll #2 - J.J. Watt surprised many when he signed with the Arizona Cardinals yesterday and bagged a 2-year/$31-million contract, including $23-million guaranteed. Watt reportedly had offers on the table from teams like the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are thought of as more concrete 'contenders' for the 2021 season. But ultimately, Watt decided to head to the desert for $31-million reasons.

If you were a top free agent with your pick of the flock in the NFL, what would be the driving factor behind your decision to join a team?

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