A driver is charged with distracted driving after crashing his car into a tree. Police say he wasn't taking the picture, but was leaning over to pose with others in the car.

Sergeant Chadwick Fuller of the State Police said in a press release that 29-year-old Jordan Toner of Hampden and 7 friends were traveling on the Deering Lake Road in Orient when he lost control of his car and ran into a tree. Police say Toner was leaning over to pose for a 'selfie' picture with his friends when the accident happened.

There were many injuries, with the worst being to two females who were sitting in the front passenger seat. One fractured her nose and had a laceration above one eye, while the other sustained neck and possible back injuries. Neither woman was wearing a seatbelt.

Two men in the backseat had minor injuries. Passengers in the vehicle were 31-year-old Jesse Toner of Hodgdon, 35-year-old Adam Toner of Bangor, 28-year-old Elizabeth Toner of Hampden, 28-year-old Katherine Ferrill of Eddington, 28-year-old Kyle Ferrill of Eddington, 29-year-old Chris Dean of Florida, and 28-year-old Meaghan Brown of Dedham.

Toner was summonsed for failing to maintain control of a motor vehicle due to being distracted.