Carl Edwards is not using the word 'retirement' but has no plan to race again. So at 37-years-old Edwards leaves the Joe Gibbs Racing Sprint Cup team and young driver Daniel Suarez will take over behind the wheel.

Edwards held a press conference in North Carolina and indicated that the concussion issues suffered by Dale Earnhardt Jr did have an effect on his decision.

"It's a risky sport," Edwards said. "I am aware of the risks. I don't like how it feels to take the hits that we take. I'm a sharp guy, and I want to be a sharp guy in 30 years. Those risks are something that I want to minimize. ... Like anybody in a contact sport, I realize that there might be long-term consequences to that stuff. That is a piece of the puzzle [on the decision]."

Edwards won 28 cup races and was in the championship hunt almost every year.

Matt Hazlett
Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

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