Just over a year after the New England Patriots traded quarterback Ryan Mallett to Houston, the Texans released him Tuesday afternoon.Mallett release is not surprising when you consider a string of events that took place last weekend prior to their game in Miami. On Saturday he was late for team meeting and told coach Bill O'Brien he was stuck in traffic. Mallett then missed the team charter to Miami and had to fly himself to the game on a commercial flight.

Reports out of Houston say that O'Brien was so mad that he wanted to cut Mallett as soon as he arrived for the game but was talked out of it because they were short on QB's because of injures. Speculation is that the Texans will bring in free agent T.J. Yates who has played for the Texans in the past.

Mallett was a member of the Patriots for two seasons after selecting him in the 2011 draft. Once the team picked Jimmy Garoppolo in 2014 he was traded to the Texans.