Roger Goodell and the National Football League sent a letter to fans on Wednesday afternoon in an effort to describe a plan to improve the pace of play for games in the future.

Among the changes that Goodell outlined included having replays for officials been done with a tablet instead of going back to a camera on the sidelines, instituting a play clock after scoring plays, and removing television timeouts after kickoffs and punts.  The NFL is also reportedly discussing changing the league's overtime rules as well.

Any rules would have to be ratified by the owners and that vote is supposed to happen next week in Arizona when all the teams have their league meetings.

According to an article by the Wall Street Journal in 2010, an average NFL game contains just 11 minutes of actually game action, while broadcasts of the events can take in excess of three hours and thirty minutes.

Do you like the speeding up of the games and does this make Pats fans more likely to embrace Roger Goodell in the future?

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