Even though scams are often perpetrated by people on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the age of the phone scam is far from being over.

Because of the businesses I am in, I typically answer every single phone call I get.  It does not matter whether I recognize the area code or not.  I always pick up the phone.

I only recently found out something really interesting regarding area codes.  Apparently, scam calls are more likely to come from certain area codes.

Maarten Van Den Heuvel / Unsplash
Maarten Van Den Heuvel / Unsplash

According to Social Catfish, there are five area codes that you should never answer calls from, because there is a really good chance that a scammer is on the other end of the line.

These area codes are:

  • 268 - This area code is associated with phones in Antigua and Barbuda.  However, it could also be used by scammers.
  • 876 - The area code is associated with phones in Jamaica, but it has also been used by those involved in lottery scams.
  • 473 - Phone in Grenada and Carriacou have this area code.  Scammers involved in fraud often have phones from this area code, too.
  • 649 - Phones from Turks and Caicos Islands and this area code, but it is also known for being used by scammers.
  • 284 - British Virgin Islands phones often have this area code, but the 284 area code is also known for being the source of many scam calls.

Of course, if you like messing with scammers, feel free to pick up that call and have some fun!

And please keep in mind that the calls from these area codes MAY be scammers.  There is, of course, a chance that the call you are getting is completely legit.  So if you have relatives in Antigua or Turks and Caicos, you may want to pick up those calls.

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