Alright folks, we've got a new "big dog" baseball team coming to town to play the Portland Seadogs all the way from Sweden. The name of the team, you ask? The Malmo Oat Milkers. And they're not even a team of humans. You can't make this up. You just have to love minor league baseball.

With eight days left until opening day for the Portland Sea Dogs, the Sea Dogs team has decided that the Malmo Oat Milkers are their "alter ego", according to their Instagram.We love to see the humor, guys. And yes, this is an ad for oat milk by Oat-ly, and yes, everybody in the entire world is confused by this campaign.

According to, the Oat Milkers aren't your typical baseball team. And they're not just the 121st minor baseball team to enter the league. There's something different about them, as if they already exist, and it's honestly kind of confusing. Let's dive in.

What Are the Oat Milkers?

It's actually not a baseball team. They're not even humans. In fact, it's a partnership campaign that's got everybody upside down. According to, it's a newly announced multi-year partnership across North America between Minor League Baseball and one of my favorite coffee-creamers, Oat-ly.

"As the First-Ever National, Plant-Based Sponsor, Oatly Brings Creative Advertising, New Concession Menu Items, Product Sampling and On-Site Activations to MiLB Ballparks"

From everything I'm gathering, it's one home game that the Sea Dogs are playing, but they're in a custom Oat-ly jersey. If I'm right, that game is Friday, August 2, 2024.

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