You had to think this was coming

The fallout continues from last week's hot mic incident involving two local broadcasters. Both men were immediately fired from WHOU and one of them is losing an honor.

An update: Shaw withdraws

Steve Shaw was one of the two broadcasters who was involved in the incident and was a member of the "Legend of the Game” in the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame. The Facebook page from the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame posted this update.

Public pressures 

Across various online discussions, there were some people calling on the MBOH to take action against Shaw's status. As the status says, the does appear to have been considering action, before receiving Shaw's withdrawal. Jim Carter was the other broadcaster involved in the incident that has become a topic of discussion across the county on local and national news outlets.  

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Make sure you visit the MBOH

The Maine Basketball Hall is located inside the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. The CIC became the home to the Class B, C, & D high school basketball tournament after the Bangor Auditorium was replaced. The display tells the history of the game in Maine while showcasing the state's greatest teams, players, and coaches. If you are ever at the CIC give yourself time to go through the hall.

It's a process 

This withdrawal from the hall is another chapter to a very unfortunate incident. Our hope is that this story will soon become something of the past. Tonight, the Easton girls' varsity basketball team is scheduled to play a home game against the Madawaska Owls. Best of luck to both teams, and look forward to the good times headed your way.

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