More than 200 Mainers ran in Monday's Boston Marathon, which was marred by two explosions a little more than four hours into the race.

Roger Marquis, 49, of Old Town had left the area just 5 minutes before two devices detonated near the finish line.

In an interview with Downtown host Rich Kimball, Marquis said was driving on the Tobin Bridge when he received a text message form one of the other members of his group who were still near the finish line.

"They were all shaken," said Marquis, whose family was waiting for him near the spot where the explosives were later detonated.

"Something like this happens and it shakes you up a little bit," he said.

Joe Capehart, 33, of Bangor had also left the area before the explosions. He said the area near the finish line was packed when he finished, with crowds seven or eight people deep.

"It's a packed house down there at that time of the race," said Capehart, noting that security was tight in the area.

"With a 26-mile course, it's very challenging to keep that corridor secure," he said, "but it looks like they're doing the best they can."

Like Marquis, Capehart and his wife spent the hour or so after the blasts trying to contact family and friends who were also at the event.

Both men were able to confirm that those who traveled with them were safe.

"Thank God," Capehart said.