If you're a sports fan and you live in the state of Maine, chances are you have heard about Matt Mulligan's unlikely path to the National Football League.

After growing up in Enfield and attending high school at Penobscot Valley High School in Howland, which didn't have a football team, Matt attended what was then Husson College to keep his childhood dream of being a pro athlete alive.

After trying on football pads and making a pitstop at the University of Maine, Mulligan made it to the NFL in 2008 where he carved out an impressive 9-year career with 10 different organizations.

The journey from small town Maine to the NFL is now detailed in the new book Just A Kid From Maine.

Matt's wife, Stephanie, founded the publishing company McSea Books, which focuses on Maine and New England children's books. Their books can be found at most bookstores throughout the state. After several unsuccessful attempts, Mulligan said he finally gave in to letting Stephanie illustrate his career journey.

You can get your own copy of the book by following this link: https://www.mcseabooks.com/product/just-a-kid-from-maine/

And make sure to check out Matt's appearance on The Drive from last week, where we talked about everything from the new book to lifting obscene amounts of weight -


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