Bangor native Marcus Davis' last MMA fight was in February 2014. That fight ended with a TKO due to doctor stoppage, which was the second of back-to-back losses for The Irish Hand Grenade.

Since then Davis has taken the steps to heal his body with new training techniques and surgical procedures to repair his injuries.

And at the age of 48, he was offered the opportunity to fight again.

The plan was for him to fight on November 20, in Providence, Rhode Island. However, that fight was stopped before it ever started when the state athletic commission in Rhode Island declined to approve Davis to be part of the fight card.

But that doesn't mean the chance to fight is gone forever, because the promoter of the card is trying to move the fight to Springfield, Massachusetts and hold it there, which would allow Davis to fight again. The proposed schedule is for Friday, November 19.

Davis joined The Morning Line to talk about the situation and why he wants to face an opponent again and how this bout came to be.

He says it's not for financial reasons, and he hasn't felt this good in years, and he wants this fight because as a competitor he didn't have his career end in 2014 in a manner that allowed him to accept the conclusion.

And the plan isn't for this to be a one-time bout, Davis has a deal in place for more fights after this one.

We talked about it all with him, and you can listen to it all again here.

The Morning Line Podcast
The Morning Line Podcast

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