Most everyone in Maine is excited for Maine's Cooper Flagg for winning the Gatorade National Basketball Player of the Year.  Keyword, "most" ...

There are always some who are jealous or need to turn the conversation to themselves. Case in point, the commenter on the WGME CBS News 13 post yesterday.

To save you from scrolling through everything, this wanna-be hoopster playing in a rec league for over 40 wrote ...

I play in a rec league in Lisbon (40 and up), we all play really hard and for the love of the game. If the news ever could be bothered they would see some really good basketball that they could report on. It's too bad that you only care about college and high school sports.

Now good for the poster to be active and continue to play a game he loves. But seriously 'bro! Do you think that the newspaper or TV should be heading out to your local gym to report on your rec league game?

"And in the 40 and up rec league, the Shirts beat the Skins 54-40."

Holy... Holy... Holy.

Thanks to Michael Shepherd on Twitter for bringing this to our attention.

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