The NFL has released its plans to celebrate Super Bowl 50 in the upcoming season, and it will be a celebration that lasts all season.The 50th playing of the game will take place in San Francisco and will not use roman numerals, but rather the traditional numerals. During the season every stadium will have numbers on the 50 yard line in gold as well as the NFL logo. Additionally, all teams will have gold accents on their logos used on merchandise.

Here is a list of other elements used to celebrate the golden Super Bowl.

  • When players enter the theater in Chicago for the draft next month they will do so on a gold carpet.
  • This years schedule will feature 19 Super Bowl re-matches.
  • The previous 43 Super Bowl MVP's will be honored during the season and during a halftime ceremony at Super Bowl 50.
  • Special-edition uniforms for the Pro Bowl will feature the gold color for both teams.
  • The winner of the Lombardi trophy will also have a gold "50" flanking each side of the trophy.
Courtesy: NFL