The National Post polled NHL hockey players over recent weeks to ask several interesting questions. Most over-rated. The dirtiest. The toughest to play against. It is fair to say the Boston Bruins polled well.

Question: Who's the biggest pain in the 'a#@' to play against?

The answer is B's defenseman Zdeno Chara along with teammate Brad Marchand. Both got 11% of the player vote. Patrice Bregeron was third with 9%.

Question: Who's the dirtiest player in the NHL?

The answer is the player serving a suspension for both the Boston Bruins and Providence Bruins, Zac Rinaldo. He got 25% of the player votes. Marcharnd was second with 22%.

By the way, players voted former Boston Bruin, now Pittsburgh Penquin, Phil Kessel as the most over-rated player.

The National Post is Canadian English-language newspaper and website based in Toronto.

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