Now that Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter says he is retiring after this season. Is it possible that Stephen Drew is his replacement? Think about it. Drew could play some shortstop, second base, maybe some third base this year and then take over short next year.

Here is what we do know at the moment. The Red Sox would take him back but it is likely for a very short term deal.

The NY Mets keep saying the won't be signing Drew. Does he really want to sign a long term deal with them anyway?

And then you've got the Yankees. Do they really want to shell out another long term, multi-million dollar deal?

There are some reports that agent Scott Boras is trying to get the Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins involved.

As the world turns with Scott Boras and Stephen Drew - by the way, Boras just happens to be the agent for Xander Bogaerts and Jackie Bradley Jr.

Red Sox pitchers and catchers report to training camp tomorrow.