For Nokomis football the number 13 will forever be the lucky number. The Warriors beat Fryeburg Academy 13-12 Saturday evening to claim the school's first football state title.

And, the Warriors carried the touch for the North Region, winning the only state championship in the four classes.

How ironic for Nokomis with the number 13. The Warriors beat defending state champion MCI is the regional semi-final 13-0. They beat #2 seed Hermon in the regional final 13-6. And, Saturday the 13-12 victory over Fryeburg in the state game.

The winning play happened with about four minutes to play in the game. Fryeburg had a 12-7 lead but punted the ball to Tyler Pelletier. He raced 68 yards to the end zone to give Nokomis the one point lead.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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