People are talking about how our director of sales stood up to Roger Goodell at a Hannaford in Scarborough, Maine. Here is the story in his own words.

New England Patriots fans can feel powerless against the onslaught of negative press and bogus accusations, but some of us are standing up for what is right.

Our director of sales Mike Marcello went to get some green peppers at a Hannaford in Scarborough, Maine and discovered that Roger Goodell and his wife were shopping there that day too.

A true New Englander, he took the opportunity to defend Tom Brady in the presence of the very man giving our team so much grief. Tom Brady has a lot of people behind him throughout this whole "Deflategate" scandal, and Roger Goodell seems to be making more enemies than friends.

You'll have to watch his explanation of the story to see what actually happened.

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